Mr. Tremont has been instrumental to the Services mission of providing a stable, highly available financial management system to The Air Force Non-Appropriate Funds activities around the world. His knowledge and technical abilities helped us to architect a full revision of our current infrastructure within the AFSFMS system that will save the Agency a considerable amount of money in hardware and support costs.  This architecture will put the hardware that is in existence to better use and will allow for faster recovery from failures, less downtime, and more manageability of the systems.  It will also reduce the physical number of servers required in the datacenter, saving room, reducing electricity costs and cooling needs, which is part of the Air Force Green initiative.

Kelly has also created a technical roadmap solution for our R12 upgrade path that will allow us to fully utilize existing hardware for the entire development lifecycle and into production.  This will prove to be instrumental in our upcoming planned upgrade to Oracle R12.

We see these strategic solutions as a huge benefit to the Government and would like to commend him on his efforts to bring the agency closer to our goals.  He is a valued member of our team. 

R. Williamson,

Chief, Application Support Division

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