Silotech Academy provides training to individuals and corporations to fulfill the specific needs of our clients.
With more than two decades of applicable experience, Silotech certified trainers are senior level industry consultants.

Keeping up with the latest technology can be a challenge. In today's changing business environment, new knowledge and skills are required more frequently than ever to keep up with the latest products, updates, and implementations. Your team needs ongoing education to stay on top of technology and be able to optimize business operations. Whether you're preparing to implement new technology or new technology has recently been installed, hands-on training and practice are essential to a successful operation.

 Even if you haven't experienced a technology change, you may realize there's an area or two in which your staff needs to improve its skills. You may have new hires. Or there may simply be a general lack of expertise and knowledge of new versions and upgrades in your organization.

Developing an effective training program on your own isn't always easy. There are many classes, curricula, and prices to navigate, and with technology evolving at an ever-increasing pace, the target is always moving. Ultimately, you may find you need an established, long-term partner who can accommodate your company's unique and changing needs.

Silotech Group offers public and client-site classes to meet customers' individual needs. Our primary goal is to equip students with tools and knowledge to meet the challenges of today's complex information technology environment. Through personalized hands-on learning, limited classroom seating and comfortable settings, students receive in-depth, cost-effective instruction regarding critical topics. Whether for first-time users or seasoned professionals, Silotech Group Training provides the building blocks to successfully implement and manage current technology.


With More than 15 years of real-world expertise

Silotech Group's certified trainers maximize your investment in learning.
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PUBLIC CLASSES - to maximize each student's investment in learning, Silotech Group operates state-of-the-art training facilities featuring large-screen projectors and personal workstations.

CLIENT-SITE CLASSES - we offer private, client-site settings to accommodate customers who prefer not to send large numbers of professionals off-site at the same time. We also provide the option to create a custom class - combining components of existing course material in a "mix-and-match" fashion.

CERTIFICATION PREPARATION - in conjunction with our standard courses, we offer testing simulations from self-test software for students who are working to become Certified or need to upgrade current certification.

CERTIFICATION TESTING – we are a PearsonVue, Certiport, and Innovative Exams testing center which allows Silotech the opportunity to provide a one stop shop for your education and certification needs. We also offer boot camps that include the certification testing within the package.

About Silotech Instructors

Our instructors have to go through a rigorous certification process before they are allowed to teach a class:

Instructors are registered step-by-step with vendor partners and are monitored on a weekly basis. Any consistently low evaluations can result in de-certification of the instructor followed by a recommended study path to re-certify.

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